Algorithms are the core of any search engine and they are always evolving. Major search engines keep on changing their algorithms and keep on adding new parameters so that the searches always stay organic. With a new update of Penguin in google, a lot of websites were tumbled and had to go through the repercussions of using bad SEO techniques. MakeMeExplode not only understands the algorithm of search engines but also strives to improve your website’s reputation and ranking on major search engines after the website has faced penalties. It takes a comprehensive SEO audit to diagnose and create a Penguin Recovery Plan. Under our Penguin Recovery plan, we:

  • Create high-quality content
  • Remove duplicate/low-quality content
  • Ensure proper navigation of your website
  • Reduce over-optimization of anchor-texts
  • Analyse each Back link profile
  • Check for and remove any black hat techniques
  • Remove spammy links, Black Hat methods or any other activity which could have been affecting the website
  • After applying the proven techniques to reduce the effects of the penalties we then brainstorm to device groundbreaking strategies which can be implemented with a special set of SEO tools. We make a comprehensive analysis of your website including its code, site structure, on-page and inbound links. Then we create a plan which meets your unique requirements and synchronize them to follow a set of steps that are tested for their effectiveness and comply with Google’s guidelines.
  • Apart from above mentioned activities, we also perform few other activities to bring traffic and ranking to your site. Some of them are:
  • Blog Marketing – “Comments and Creation”
  • Article Marketing
  • Engaging in high PR blog networks
  • Press Releases
  • Q/A’s

If you want to regain the same position which your website had before Penguin update, then let’s work together to achieve that.

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