How to Generate More Leads on LinkedIn?

By 26th August 2014 No Comments

Everyone is on LinkedIn; and so, you are too. But do you think the mere presence on LinkedIn is sufficient? Or you should really do something to generate leads and referrals? These are the questions that you should ask yourself when you are planning to market your products and services through LinkedIn.

Here are a few tips to generate more leads through your LinkedIn profile.

• Include the digital version of Commercial on the LinkedIn profile
It is very beneficial to add a digital version of your Commercial that lasts for usually 30-Seconds, and then embed that text in your LinkedIn profile.

The most important thing about LinkedIn is: It is a huge virtual networking event that requires you to stay prepared with an amazing response to, “What do you do?”

This 30-second commercial is the answer to this question, which clearly describes how prospect in pain eventually turns into your happy and satisfied customer.

For example: “We are experts in designing inventory management systems for manufacturing and distribution operations customized for specific industries. We’ve proven success with companies in the A, B and C industries that are particularly concerned with the costs related to inexact inventory counts, dissatisfied with frequent paperwork constraints that slow down the process, or disappointed with the unnecessary waste of time incurred to reconcile the records. We’ve been able to create amazing inventory management systems that help our customers save their time and money.”

If something like this is not displaying on your LinkedIn profile, you’re really missing out the competitive advantage.

• Add useful connections
Adding connections to your network greatly helps. You just need to invest a few minutes on a daily basis to click the “Connect” button on the “People You May Know” list. This will widen your LinkedIn network, which is really important.

• Play fair game
Adding connections is good, but it is recommended that you connect to people you actually know. LinkedIn will certainly backfire on you if you only pretend to know people you actually don’t. In case, you decide to add such connections, always ask for introductions.

• Create a list of potential leads
You should investigate the connections of your contacts to find out the persons you don’t know personally but may like to meet. Consequently, make a list of those people you would like to have introductions. Starting with the “Recommendations” is a good option as they are more likely to be the strongest relationships of the LinkedIn user you are currently viewing.

• Always follow your clients and prospects
Try to find your current clients and prospects on LinkedIn. Check whether they have a company page. If they have, follow and monitor it regularly.

• Post an update
A daily post counts. You can use this post update to share a link of a blog or a video that is highly useful for your prospects and customers. Every time you post an update, it gets displayed on the feed of all the connections on your network. But don’t try to sell through your updates. Instead, use it to give valued content and share your expertise.

• Join groups
LinkedIn allows you to connect with people who are in groups with you. You can smartly use it as a way to add value, share insights, and build a great network of prospects.

• Invest time uniformly
If you really want to get success on LinkedIn, it is recommended that you invest only an hour or so per day; and not six hours in a day and then doing nothing for the whole week.

As such, you require a planned and not heavy approach to deal with your Linked profile and use it to generate potential big leads.