7 Tips to Get More Followers for Your Google+ Business Page

By 8th August 2014 No Comments

Broadcasting on Google+ is not a difficult job, but gathering audience for your broadcasted content is actually challenging. So, here we are going to give you some tips to get more followers for your Google+ Page.

1. Share Business Page Content from Your Personal Profile
Sharing business page content from your personal profile is a good way to get more followers. When you post an excellent content on your business page and then you +1 and share this post from your personal Google+ profile, it shows up in your followers’ streams. This increases the chances of your content being noticed and shared by even more people.

Your Google+ personal profile usually has more connections than your business page, especially when it’s new. You can use these personal connections to extend the reach of your business page’s posts.

2. Smart use of hashtags
While creating a post, people often focus on words and phrases but hashtags. You should know that use of hashtags is very beneficial in attracting audience to your post. Adding a hashtag in the post let the post enter into the stream of that particular tag. Resultantly, anyone surfing that hashtag stream or looking for information related to that particular hashtag can easily find your post. As such, hashtags make it quite easy for people to find you when they search for a related topic. But make sure to use utmost 2-3 hashtags; overuse may make the post look spammy.

See the appropriate use of hashtags in the post (by WhoDoDigital) given below:

3. Focus on Memes and Trending Topics
Memes are basically an idea or behavior that repeats throughout a culture and there are various cultures on Google+ built around memes. Some memes are shared according to the mood while others are shared on specific days (say #weekend), but each one of them includes specific hashtags so that they can be easily followed. Memes can be about anything like dogs, selfies, sea, etc. If you regularly participate in a weekly meme, your content will surely have a long life as users continue to search for the hashtag.

But every hashtag is not associated with a meme. Creating content on popular topics and including a related hashtag is a smart way to get your page and its content noticed.

4. Check out ‘What’s Hot and Recommended’
Google+ has a list of hot and recommended content, and anyone can get on it if they know the right tactics.See the snapshot below:
Hash Tag

You just need to create a viral-friendly content on your page and promote it. But it is not that easy as it sounds. To get on the hot list, your content needs to get enough shares to trigger the algorithm that tells Google+ to notice your post. Sharing through your personal profile and participating in meme days is the best way to get more shares, as already discussed above.

5. Ask people to follow your business page
Now, this one is quite tricky. You should not appear like begging for the follows. The key to success is a strong call to action. For example, while sharing your business post via your personal profile, you could write something like “Please follow this page for more marketing related content” (If the page is about marketing).
This approach can really give you an uptick in followers.

6. Circle profiles of other businesses and people
Circling others is one of the easiest ways to expand your Google+ follower base. To section your followers, you can create separate circles according to location, industry or niche.

For example, if your brand has a specific targeted location, create a new circle intended for people and businesses in just that area. Start adding such people and business pages. When people see that your business is in the same location and you’re connected with related people, they’re more likely to add you back.

7. Connect to communities
Sharing your content in a community always help in getting more followers for your business page. However, the community guidelines must always be checked before posting any content to comply with the guidelines.
Getting recognized on Google+ needs a targeted approach. Use your existing connections to expand your page’s reach, participate in memes and trending topics, connect with communities and add relevant business and people.