How to make your clients understand the value of SEO?

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SEO is usually the first thing that gets compromised when it comes to budget cuts in the marketing campaign; and as an SEO professional, only you can understand the value of your work. In fact, not all of your clients or C-level executives fully understand what’s required to really make the SEO work. This is mainly due to the difficulty in proving the ROI on SEO. Although, this task can be challenging, it’s not impossible.

By tracking ROI efficiently, you can prove the value of SEO and justify their expenditure on it. So, how do you do it?

When proving the worth of SEO, making use of hard data is must. The process requires measuring leads, revenue and revenue per leads.

A Word about Leads
The first thing to note here is that page visits are not necessarily the leads. As such, tracking the page visits can only provide a snapshot of the overall activity and the most important data that is required to be to tracked includes events or goals.

Educating clients about events and goals can be a big plus for you. Also, tracking these events and goals can give you and your customers better insight into their prospect and customer behavior which simply tracking the page visits can’t. These data also associate directly to the revenue stream data.

Get ready for Success
It’s essential to ensure that you and your clients are on the same page, so that the association can go a long way ahead without experiencing any unpleasant or unnecessary situations.

So, once again, you are required to share your expertise with your clients. The more you educate your clients, the more you empower them and increase their loyalty towards you.

The three important points, here, to establish with your new clients are as follows:

1. SEO is a Long-Term Plan
You need to make your clients understand that the real results of SEO can only be realized after a considerable amount of time and they should not expect instant results. Even if the position on search results improves, revenue increase will only be apparent after some time. It is important that clients understand this and are willing to wait for reasonable time duration.

2. Measuring ROI
There are many things that are required to be measured to track the progress of your campaign apart from the revenue per lead or events and goals. These include tasks like removal of Google penalties.

3. Setting up Analytics
If the analytics account of your client is not set up to track conversions properly, it may depict an incorrect picture. So, you need to work closely with your clients to ensure that analytics is setup to capture and show exactly what you need to know.

Above all, it has to be understood that SEO is not just about getting leads; it’s about getting the right leads. And, it’s also about accurately tracking those leads so that you can make adjustments to your activities accordingly and help your clients to calculate their ROI for SEO

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